V-Line Lift Therapy

V-LINE LIFT MAGIC THERAPY KOREAN BEAUTY TREAMENT:   V-line Magic Therapy is an innovative product for improving sagging and wrinkled skin, having the effect like medical thread lifting procedures. 

 V-Line lift uses Polydioxanone (thread collagen), Colloidal gold and peptides to add firmness and volume to the skin.

 Polydioxanone is used in absorbable sutures as well as many cosmetic procedures to stimulate the fibroblasts to create new collagen. The thread collagen ingredient is gradually absorbed to maximize the effect of skin rejuvenation and improvement of the complexion.  It stimulates the dermis layer in the opposite direction of sagging skin to give a powerful tightening effect. The lifting effect of the collagen gel and colloidal gold have a brightening effect and stimulate the blood circulation and lymphatic circulation which promotes the increase of elasticity of the skin. 

This can be added to your microcurrent treatment for even better results.  This treatment includes 15 minutes of LED light therapy treatment.

$150.00   Also sold in a series.       


Oxyjet Elixir Treatment

Deep Cleansing and Moisturizing.  Oxygen bubbles penetrate the skin, enhancing blood circulation and moisturizing to make skin tone clear. Arbutin, hyaluronic acid and panthenol refine complexion, exfoliates dead skin cells and inhibits the production of melanin.   This treatment moisturizes, has a lifting effect, lightens, soothes, purifies the skin and provides life energy for a long-lasting beauty treatment. This treatment includes 15 minutes of LED light therapy treatment.

$150.00       Also sold in a series


Casmara Prestige Facial

The Big Chill Facial

Casmara Cosmetics is a family owned and operated Spanish company founded in 1974 dedicated to the research, manufacturer and distribution of premium quality cosmetic products.   In 1979 they launched the first Algae Peel off Mask which revolutionized the cosmetic world.  I am proud to offer many of their 6 step combination Algae Peel off Masks.  The technology is called cryogenic, therefore the mask is very cold.    There are several different treatment masks and I will customize the one appropriate for your skin type and condition.  This treatment includes 15 minutes of LED light therapy treatment.

$150    Also sold in a series


X08 Placenta Stem Cell Facial

This facial treatment uses a cocktail of 14 highly absorbent active ingredients (including ovine sheep placenta extract with pluripotent stem cells, transforming growth factors, amino acids, antioxidants and peptides.  These super ingredients known for their regenerative capabilities, make XO8 a cannot miss indulgence for incredible healthy skin.  This treatment includes 15 minutes of LED light therapy treatment. This facial also includes 15 minutes of microcurrent Red Carpet Instant Lift. Results are:




Purre Face Basic Facial

We start with a complementary consult and a thorough skin analysis individually tailored to meet your skin care goals.  We utilize aromatherapy, lymphatic massage and one of the best holistic facial products available .  Included is a luxurious facial massage and the appropriate seasonal mask chosen just for your skin type and condition. Great for all skin types.  This facial also includes an arm, hand and neck massage.



Purre Face Teen Facial

This facial consult addresses the concerns and questions for the skin care beginner.  A thorough skin care analysis followed by the appropriate exfoliant and mask.  Your teen will leave their appointment with specific instructions on basis skin care routines and samples to complement their treatment.



Chemical Peels

I also offer a variety of peels containing Lactic, Glycolic ,TCA and Salicylic acids. These acids offer many benefits such as reduction of age spots, fine lines and acne.

$75.00 to $95.00  




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